The Controversy Around Talcum Powder

I have recently been asked by customers about whether I am familiar with the news stories about potential connections between talcum powder products and ovarian cancer.

It is well documented in the public domain that numerous lawsuits have been filed against the mega giant Johnson & Johnson. These cases have alleged that particles of talcum powder have been found in the ovaries of women with ovarian cancer. Women were using one of three products by Johnson & Johnson: Talc, Baby Powder, or Shower to Shower.

The items were purchased for the purpose of “feminine hygiene.” Women were looking for the benefit of absorbing moisture and preventing rashes, as well as dusting their diaphragms with it. It turns out that the use of these products in the genital area shows an increased risk for epithelial ovarian cancer.

How much of a risk? Depends on what doctors’ comments you read, or what jury is sitting on the case.

Why add this to your worry list? Our Herbal Silk Body Powder contains certified organic cornstarch and arrowroot instead, so you don’t have to be concerned about its safety. You can achieve the results you seek without the dangers of talc.