Building a Non-Toxic Life – Part 1: Prioritizing

Every so often I get a call from a person who is completely overwhelmed by the discovery that their house and their lives are filled with toxins. This encompasses cleaning products, laundry detergents, furniture, and of course…personal beauty products.

They want to eliminate the toxins from their lives but don’t know where to start, or how best to prioritize. Panic has set in, and they are on the verge of throwing everything they own out the window! Of course doing that is not practical, economical or ecologically helpful.

Some planning is in order. Here are some suggestions for how to start.

Change whatever you are running out of now. It’s much easier to investigate and make changes one item at a time.  It’s easier to develop a research process that works for you and less wasteful this way as well.

Pick whatever may bring the next biggest reward. Toxicity runs on a continuum, so not everything may need to go, and some changes will reap greater benefits than others.

  • If there are young children in the household, focus on products that they use. Developing bodies and brains are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of toxins.
  • Switching to unscented laundry products can have a huge impact for everyone in the family, since clothing, sheets and towels come in contact with your skin 24/7. “Fragrance” includes thousands of toxic chemicals.
  • Change your body lotion or any product that you put all over your body. We, of course, suggest Herbaliz creams and lotions! They not only have no toxins, they also include herbs that work to improve your health.
  • Changing shampoo and hair conditioner can help, especially if you wash your hair in the shower, because the products will rinse over your whole body. Hair conditioners are among the most toxic body care products.

Other thoughts to help break the process down into manageable bites include making one change a month or picking one toxin to focus on.

The important thing is to not get so overwhelmed that you don’t do anything.

Coming months will be about resources and more specific actions that can help you reach your goals. In the meantime do one thing!

A Great Month for the Environment

This April, lots of eyeballs were on the environment.

April 22 was both Earth Day and the March for Science. On April 29, crowds of people gathered in Washington, D.C., and around the
country, to show their support for keeping the planet healthy and alive. The 2017 People’s Climate March once again proved that there is growing awareness of the choices we face.

honeysuckleWorking with flowers and herbs, I am particularly in tune with the beauty and importance of nature. Our culture has become overwhelmed with toxic chemicals, to the extent that it has permeated food, household products, and the items we use for personal care. When I go into my garden, I feel an immediate connection with the plants, insects, and birds that are a part of an interrelated system of life.

Globally, resources continue to diminish because we are not thinking ahead.  Species are vanishing, rainforests are under threat, and extreme weather events indicate there is a growing shift in the climate situation. 2015 was the warmest year on record.

Herbaliz is proud that every product we make is free of toxic chemicals. We know that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body and impacts your health.

It’s clear that we all must play a part in moving the needle towards sustainability. Together, we can all generate a change that will benefit ourselves and future generations.